After The Storm


NEW CD  by Michael Brewer


Michael Brewer Music  ~ 2018


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  1. Slow Train
  2. Amelia Earhart
  3. Don't Like To Fly 
  4. Change The World
  5. Santa Claus Moved To Georgia
  6. Uncle Samuel's Fiddle
  7. Another Old Friend
  8. First Legal Joint
  9. Learning To Crawl
  10. Five Star Really Bad Time
  11. Wyoming Wind


After The Storm

  Michael Brewer Music 2018  
  Produced and mixed by Michael Brewer  
  Recorded at Nottingham Studio, Springfield, MO
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Gary Smith
  Michael Brewer - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, percussion
  Keith Brewer - vocals, and Uncle Samuel's 150 year old violin on "Uncle Samuel's Fiddle" - (Google Samuel Richards Evangeline)
  Mark Bilyeu - bass guitar & ukebass guitar
Kelly Brown - piano, organ, harmonium, melodeon
Molly Healy - violin, cello
Gary Hodges - drums
D. Clinton Thompson - electric guitars
  Front cover by M. Brewer at Dave Sipe's Folk Art Museum Mancos, CO  
  Insert photos by M. Brewer at home on Scarlett's Mountain  
  Back cover by Ron Syme somewhere in the Dakotas  


  All songs written by Michael Brewer except, "Uncle Samuel's Fiddle" written by M. Brewer & K. Brewer  
  Published by Michael Brewer Music/Copyright 2018
Registered BMI/All rights reserved



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