Capitol Albums On CD

  January 2021 Announcement: Brewer & Shipley have recorded albums on four different record labels.  All of their albums had since been released on CD, except, their two mid-career Capitol albums, ST11261 and Welcome to Riddle Bridge. We are pleased to announce that those two Brewer & Shipley albums are now available on CD, as Imports from Big Pink Music.

How can I buy one?
So far, they are available on E-Bay and Discogs as imports from Big Pink Music

ST11261 (1974)


2020 Big Pink Music

  1. Fair Play
  2. It Did Me In
  3. Look Up, Look Out
  4. Shine So Strong
  5. How Are You
  6. Eco-Catastrophe Blues
  7. Keeper Of The Keys
  8. Bound To Fall
  9. Oh So Long
  10. Ballad Of A Country Dog



Welcome To Riddle Bridge (1975)


2020 Big Pink Music

  1. Commercial Success
  2. Indian Summer
  3. On The Road In Kansas City
  4. Brighter Days
  5. So Satisfied
  6. Brain Damage
  7. Crying In The Valley
  8. Rock & Roll Hostage
  9. Don't It Feel Like Heaven
  10. Hearts Overflowing




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