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Best of Brewer & Shipley (One Toke Over The Line) - Extras


Village Records
To the uninformed they were a one hit wonder from an era that produced a lot of one hit wonders. However anyone who took the time to go beyond their "hit" found some great music from two really talented guys. They were the West Coast Simon & Garfunkel if you will. This disc collects up fourteen tracks that cover their output as well as any single disc could. The tracks have all been remastered and reveal just how well recorded their albums were. This is not the light-weight folk pop you
  might think it is. These tunes still stand up today. One listen to "Oh Mommy" and you might wonder if times have changed at all since the early seventies. .  
  All Music Guide  
  Brewer & Shipley were more than a one-hit wonder, turning out some enjoyable folk-pop reminiscent of their big smash, "One Toke Over the Line." All the same, they probably don't need an exhaustive retrospective, and Buddha's One Toke Over the Line: The Best of Brewer & Shipley does an admirable job of distilling the B&S catalog to its finest moments and keeping it interesting for those who love the title hit and want to dig deeper. There will certainly be devotees who want to dig even deeper but, for many listeners, this will satiate their needs.  
  ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine  
  Keeper Of The Keys  
  The reviewer from the All Music Guide is obviously not familiar with the quality and depth of Brewer & Shipley's material.  There are actually three labels that Brewer & Shipley recorded albums for that are not represented here.  The Kama Sutra material that is represented is great, but Barry White's lyrics state my review the best:
"I've heard people say that too much of anything is not good for you. 
But I don't know about that.  It doesn't seem to me like it's enough. 
There's just not enough of it. There's just not enough!"
~ Barry White


Best of Brewer & Shipley (One Toke Over The Line)