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Rolling Stone Magazine
September 11, 1975
Brewer and Shipley’s Welcome To Riddle Bridge offers agreeable country rock built around two acoustic guitars and voices with limited range and minimal expressive quality.  Their best songs work as understated representations of a post-hippie, Middle American sensibility – democratic and resigned.  Throughout, simple tunes with ingenuous lyrics are subordinate to virile instrumental textures amplified by many of Nashville’s finest sessionmen (plus strings),

courtesy of producer Norbert Putnam. While Brewer and Shipley lyrics range from droll (“Brain Damage”) to mystical (“So Satisfied”), they challenge no cultural assumptions.  The result is a blandly engaging exercise in pop-music craft.
~ Stephen Holden

  Keeper Of The Keys  
  Looking back at the 1975 album Welcome to Riddle Bridge, what stands out the most is that it was chock full of beautiful ballads. The best of these has to be Michael Brewer's "Hearts Overflowing" which was so simple and so beautiful that it was covered five more times in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. The first cover was by Jonathon Edwards (1976), followed by Michael's own cover on his first solo album Beauty Lies (1983) with Linda Ronstadt singing a wonderful backup.  It was then covered three more times in the '90s by The Dillards, The Seldom Sceen, and by Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen.  "So Satisfied", "Brighter Days" and "Don't It Feel Like Heaven" are three other outstanding Brewer & Shipley penned ballads on this album that I am surprised never got covered by another artist.  Also included was a very nice remake of "Indian Summer" (originally from Weeds), which is one of their best ballads ever.  Tom Shipley's ballad "Crying In The Valley" is one of those songs that really grows on you, and rounds out the six ballads that all belong on a Brewer & Shipley ballad playlist.   Adding some spice and separating these beautiful ballads are some fun up-tempo rockers "Commercial Success", "On The Road In Kansas City", "Rock & Roll Hostage", and the hilarious "Brain Damage".  


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