Carnegie Hall Review 1971

All Things Brewer & Shipley


Brewer & Shipley
Carnegie Hall, New York
December 3, 1971

It is difficult for artists to sing the same tunes every night and make them sound fresh and true to the audience, but Brewer & Shipley never seem to tire at their performances.   This is perhaps their strongest asset, next to their healthy guitar and vocal harmonies and their often biting lyrical commentary.

“One Toke Over The Line,” and “Tarkio Road,” greatly satisfied the audience and “Don’t want to Die In Georgia,” the latter from their newest Kama Sutra album were also excellently arranged.  Assisted by Mark Naftalin, piano, and John Kahn, electric bass, “Rock Me On The Water,” and “Sweet Love,” rang across the hall with sweet perfect feeling.

Also on the bill was a personable young man named Steve Goodman.  He was there to play his guitar and sing.  He did both quite well and should be heard from in the months ahead because of his flow with it attitude and graceful showmanship.  “Auctioneer’s Blues,” and “I Don’t Know Where I’m Goin’ But I’m Goin’ Nowhere In A Hurry Blues,” were reminiscent of the early Bob Gibson.  Goodman has a chance and a record on the Buddah Record label.

Billboard Magazine -December 18, 1971