1968 Oklahoma City

Weeds Extras

  In 1968, native mid-westerners Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley were deeply unhappy living in Los Angeles.  They decided to split from L.A. as soon as their debut A&M Records album, the appropriately titled, Down In L.A.. was finished. 

Having no definitive plans other than getting out of L.A. and continuing to perform for audiences, they headed to Michael's parents' home in Oklahoma City, making a short stop at a Hopi Indian reservation on the way.  At Michael's parents in Oklahoma City, Tom pitched a tent in the back yard. and Michael and Tom continued to write songs that would appear on their Weeds album. 

In the pictures below they are shown in the Brewer garage working on "Boomerang," a song inspired by Michael's young cousin Hali who had come to live with Michael's parents.  

A few months later they would get a career boomerang, when they moved to Kansas City, formed Good Karma production company with friends, and were signed by Buddah Kama Sutra Records.


But she just loves to give
   And everyone will love her until the end


'Cause every little thing we are puttin' out
   Returns to us again


Thanks to Keith Brewer for the photos