Top Of The Pops - 1971



Brewer & Shipley

  The pictures above were taken during Brewer & Shipley's 1971 London appearance on the legendary Top Of The Pops television show.  The Top of The Pops was a weekly show on the British Broadcasting Corporation that ran for an amazing 42 years.  In its prime in the 1970s, it attracted an audience of 15 million viewers.

Michael Brewer described the peculiar experience of being required to re-record one of their iconic songs for the show:  
  "The photos on stage are at the BBC doing a show called Top Of The Pops; the band behind us is "Southern Comfort."  The show wanted us to perform "People Love Each Other" and because of some British law we had to rerecord the song with the band and they had to be on the show with us.  The only thing live were our vocals, only they neglected to have Tom's voice up loud enough to be heard.  Nobody was plugged in, but just playing along with the recording.  We had first recorded "People Love Each Other" in San Francisco on the first 8 track board to come there, which at the time, was quite an undertaking, and now we had to rerecord it live with the band in London on an ancient 4 track machine, which was horrifying.  Ironically, some thought it sounded better than the original recording.  Go figure.  Then again, The Beatles recorded everything up to and including "Sgt. Pepper" on 4 track machines.  Genius', they were."  



photos above Dan "Mort" Moriarty


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