Comes And Goes


All my world somehow changing

Could it be all things pass into time

Like snow in rhyme it's falling

Comes and goes


Helpless but thankful am I

Now the sun gently warming

Just begun daylight's warning

That it's true will come no matter what you do


Helpless but thankful am I

And I remember all the time I tried to make changin' only

I still remember all the tears I cried but made me lonely


So I know that I must also

Come and go

Helpless but thankful am I

To be watching the changes so thankful am I


Helpless but thankful am I

For that I know that it's just one more change when I die

Glenn Yarbrough

For Emily Whenever
I Might Find Her



written by Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley
        1966 Good Sam Music/BMI



"Comes And Goes"


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Written by Brewer & Shipley while staff writers for A&M Records. This is the only known recording of the song.

Glenn Yarbrough was the lead singer with The
Limeliters in the early 60s and had a prolific solo career including his major hit single "Baby The Rain Must Fall," one of the top 100 songs of 1965.

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