Lost verse from One Toke


One Toke Over The LineOne Toke Over The LineOne Toke Over The Line


In concert only verse

  I was born to give and take
And as I keep growin' I'm gonna make some mistakes
The sun's gonna set and the bird is gonna wing
They do not lie
My last wish will be just one thing
Be smilin' when I die


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  Brewer & Shipley wrote a third verse to "One Toke Over The Line" and even recorded it for their Tarkio album in 1970.  However, because it was projected as a single release and because songs over four minutes long did not get as much airplay in those days, the verse was literally cut from the master tape with a razor blade.  Yet Brewer & Shipley had sung the extra verse in concert before they recorded it and they continued to sing it in concert for several years after it was cut from the recording.  Fans usually cheered when they heard the extra verse in concert, acknowledging to the artists that they recognized that they were receiving a special insider treat that was only heard live.

Over the years, Brewer & Shipley released only one live version of “One Toke Over The Line” with the 3rd verse.  A 1973 recording was included on their Archive Alive CD released in 1997.  Additionally, there is a cover recording of the third verse on The Rainmakers version of “One Toke” for the 1998 Hempilation II: Free The Weed CD. It is made more unique by Brewer & Shipley making a guest appearance and singing the long-lost third verse with the Rainmakers.  Also, two Brewer & Shipley bootleg versions with the 3rd verse also exist: The Lost Live Album; and, Live at Ebbets Field.


One Toke Over The Line