One Toke Productions ~ 1997




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  1. Cimmaron River
  2. Scarlett's Mountain
  3. Ralph's Ride
  4. Treehouse Brown
  5. I Think I Saw An Angel
  6. Dark Side Of The Moon
  7. Is Anybody Home
  8. Out Of Love
  9. When Tomorrow Comes
  10. Don't It Feel Like Home
  11. Watching The Stars Go By



  One Toke Productions (CCR-9502) released 1997  
  Produced by Brewer & Shipley  
  Recorded at Ozark Sound Studio, Springfield, MO - Engineered by Nick Sibley,
Digitrax Recording Studio, Branson, MO - Engineered by Gary Smith
Sequenced at Shipley Productions, Rolla, MO
  Mixed at Digitrax Studio, Branson, MO and Carvelle Studio, Branson, MO
Sequencing and computer programming by Tom Shipley
  Michael Brewer - vocals, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, bass drums, percussion,
                    & synthesizers
Tom Shipley - harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, bass, Indian drums,
                  & synthesizers
  Les Gallier - dulcimer
Don Shipps - bass
Steve Baker - bass
Gary Smith - bass
Steve Cash - harmonica
John Dillon - mouthbow
Roger Matthews - banjo
Cedric Benoit - Cajun squeezebox
D. Clinton Thompson - electric guitars
Roger Workman - pedal steel
Nick Sibley - mandolin
George Giddens - fiddle & mandolin
David Wilson - fiddle & mandolin
  Cover Design - Jan Shipley  
  Photos by Jeff Nicholson  


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