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This album from 1997 showed that there was still plenty of music to be made by this duo. Sticking with top notch songwriting as well as the kind of harmonies that made them famous they produced another gem for their fans. Members of the Skeletons as well as old friends from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils drop by and get in on the fun.




  Keeper Of The Keys  
  When I transcribed the lyrics for this site, I was taken aback at how well these lyrics stand up with Brewer & Shipley's more well known material.  In fact, "Cimmaron River", "Scarlett's Mountain", "Treehouse Brown", & "Watching The Star's Go By" belong on a list of their best songs.  Other songs on this album that you will definitely want to hear again include "Is Anybody Home", "Out Of Love", "I Think I Saw An Angel," "Don't It Feel Like Home" and "When Tomorrow Comes".  Brewer & Shipley still have it... and a listen to this album proves they never lost the ability to connect with their listeners.  And what's more, this album, unlike some of their earlier work, is available on CD.  




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