Michael Brewer ~ Retro Man


Mobile Unit Music ~ 2004




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  1. Introduction
  2. Rolling With The Punches
  3. Freedom Avenue
  4. Blood In The Water
  5. Must Be An Ocean
  6. I'm Still Looking
  7. Retro Man
  8. The Island Of Women
  9. Hearts Of The Children
  10. Burn One For Me
  11. The Truth Train
  12. Ending



  Mobile Unit Music - Released 2004  
  Produced by Tyrone Tyrone with special thanks to G."Wiz" Smithly  
  Recorded, mixed & mastered at Nottingham Studio, Springfield, MO. http://www.nothm.com  
  Engineered by Gary Smith  
  T&W Brewer and R. Workman recorded at Big Time Studio, Kansas City, MO
Steve Phillips, engineer
  Michael Brewer - vocals, vocal effect, acoustic guitars, drums, tambourine, cabasa, conga drums, flutes, crow bar, shakers, wood block, finger snaps, hand claps
  Gary Smith - electric & bass guitars
Lyman Clark - Hammond organ
Corey Reeves - harmonica, hand claps
Zak Knight - whistles
David Pearson - whistles
Beau Brown - whistles
Keith Brewer - mandolins
Timothy Brewer - featured & background vocal
Wyatt Brewer - background vocal
Charlie Brewer Brown - harmony vocal
Roger "Hound Dog" Workman - pedal slide & steel guitars
George Giddons - fiddle
  Photo by Scarlett Cameron  
  Mannequin by Charlie Brown  
  This collection of thoughts put to music is dedicated to the memory of Charly & Mary Brewer, and to Scarlett Cameron, for without them it would not exist.  
  Introduction and Ending by Michael Brewer age 4, accompanied by Mary Brewer.  
  WARNING! This CD contains material defending the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States and may lead to independent thinking.  


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