Any Day Now


Baby can you hear me now?

Is it clearer somehow?

Maybe if I press my lips to the phone

I canít believe the pilot is late

Thirteen is my gate

Even the security guards have gone home


Any day now weíre gonna hitch us a ride

Any day now we could be slippiní out with the tide

Any day now heaven at our command

Any day now Iím gonna see you again


Donít you know I really hate to call you this late

Lady how it really makes me feel sad

But I had a promise to keep before you went to sleep

And it was the only chance I had

So just before you turn out the light

Let me whisper goodnight

Donít forget to give my best to the sandman

And if those winds donít blow

And the crew ever shows

Iíll be coming home just as fast as I can


Any day now, Any day now, Any day now

Beauty Lies



    written by Michael Brewer
1981 Michael Brewer Music/BMI



"Any Day Now"


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