Brewer & Shipley Lyrics




  Album buyers understood that these men were designers, not pop music freaks, and as prolific as they were, they didn't write songs to any formula...  

bullet A Million Broken Hearts
bullet All Along The Watchtower
bullet All Over Again
bullet An Incredible State Of Affairs
bullet Angel & Juanita
bullet Any Day Now
bullet Back To The Farm
bullet Ballad Of A Country Dog
bullet Beauty Lies
bullet Black Sky
bullet Blood In The Water
bullet Blue Highway
bullet Blue Island Moon
bullet Boomerang
bullet Bound To Fall
bullet Brain Damage
bullet Brighter Days
bullet Bringing 'Em Back Alive (B&S)
bullet Bringing 'Em Back Alive (Michael)
bullet Burn One For Me
bullet Can't Go Home
bullet Cimmaron River
bullet Comes And Goes
bullet Commercial Success
bullet Crazy Rain
bullet Crested Butte
bullet Crying In The Valley
bullet Dance With A Lady
bullet Dancing With My Shadow
bullet Dark Side Of The Moon
bullet Dreamin' In The Shade
(Down In L.A.)
bullet Don't It Feel Like Heaven
bullet Don't It Feel Like Home
bullet Don't Want To Die In Georgia
bullet Dying Young
bullet Eco-Catastrophe Blues
bullet Empty Handed, Broken Hearted
bullet Esperanza
bullet Eugene
bullet Everything Has Changed
bullet Fair Play
bullet Feelin' Down
bullet Feeling Down
bullet Fifty States Of Freedom
bullet Fly, Fly, Fly
bullet Food On The Table
bullet Freedom Avenue
bullet Gates Of Hell
bullet Got To Get Off The Island
bullet Green Bamboo
bullet Hang High
bullet Have A Good Life
bullet Heart Of Steel
bullet Hearts Overflowing (B&S)
bullet Hearts Overflowing (Michael)
bullet Hearts Of The Children
bullet Holy Waters
bullet How Are You
bullet I Can't See Her
bullet I Think I Saw An Angel
bullet I Will Testify
bullet I'm Still Looking
bullet In Your Wildest Dreams
bullet Indian Summer
bullet Indian Summer/To Love Somebody
bullet Is Anybody Home
bullet It Did Me In
bullet Just Can't Do It
bullet Keeper Of The Keys (Down In LA)
bullet Keeper Of The Keys (ST11261)
bullet Lady Like You
bullet Life At The Moment
bullet Living On The Moon
bullet Look Up, Look Out
bullet Love, Love
bullet Love's Endless War
bullet Love In My Heart
bullet Love In Time
bullet Make My Bed
bullet Mass For M'Lady
bullet Merciful Love
bullet Message From The Mission
(Hold On)
bullet Must Be An Ocean
bullet Natural Child
bullet Need You
bullet Night People
bullet Oh, Sweet Lady
bullet Oh Mommy
bullet Oh So Long
bullet On The Road In Kansas City
bullet One Kind Favor
bullet One More Day
bullet One Toke Over The Line
bullet One By One
bullet Out Of Love
bullet People Love Each Other
bullet Pig's Head
bullet Quinn The Eskimo
(The Mighty Quinn)
bullet Rainbow
bullet Ralph's Ride
bullet Real Good Thing
bullet Red El Camino
bullet Retro Man
bullet Rise Up (Easy Rider)
bullet Rolling With The Punches
bullet Rock And Roll Hostage
bullet Rock Me On The Water
bullet Romans In Jerusalem
bullet Ruby On The Morning
bullet Runaway Heart
bullet Safe From The World
bullet Scarlett
bullet Scarlett's Mountain
bullet Seems Like A Long Time
bullet See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
bullet Shake Off The Demon
bullet She Thinks She's A Woman
bullet She's Got The Time
bullet She's Got The Time (She's Got The Changes)
bullet Shine So Strong
bullet Sign Of The Queen
bullet Sleeping On The Way
bullet Small Town Girl
bullet So Satisfied
bullet Song From Platte River
bullet Streets Of America
bullet Sunset Woman
bullet Sweet Love
bullet Take Me Away
bullet Take More Money
bullet Tarkio Road
bullet The Day I Was Born
bullet The Gulf Of Mexico
bullet The Island Of Women
bullet The Light
bullet The Mighty Quinn
bullet The River Runs
bullet The Truth Train
bullet These Old Boots
bullet This Old Wheel
bullet This Seat Occupado (Fly, Fly, Fly)
bullet Tied To The Wings Of An Angel (B&S)
bullet Tied To The Wings Of An Angel (Michael)
bullet Time And Changes
bullet To Love Somebody
bullet Too Soon Tomorrow
bullet Treehouse Brown
bullet Truly Right
bullet Tumbleweeds
bullet Watching The Stars Go By
bullet Wealthy Man
bullet What Ya Doin' Tonight
bullet When Everybody Comes Home
bullet When The Truth Finally Comes
bullet When Tomorrow Comes
bullet Where Do We Go From Here
bullet Who's Loving You
bullet Winds Of Change
bullet Witchi Tai To
bullet Without Love
bullet Working On The Well
bullet Yankee Lady
bullet You Ain't Goin' Nowhere


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