Empty Handed, Broken Hearted


Empty handed broken hearted

Never seen so many tears

I am stranded where I started

Where do I go from here?

Empty handed, broken hearted

Here comes another lonely night

Comes morning and Iíll be standing

Broken hearted and empty handed


If love is a song never sing along

If you donít understand the music

If love is a game youíre a fool to play

If you canít afford to lose it

If love is a key then take it from me

Youíd better learn how to use it

ĎCause I ought to know

I understand

Iíve been there and here I am


Youíll never find any peace of mind

If you fool around with trouble

ĎCause one mistake is all it takes

For love to get lost on the double

I never knew there were so many rules

You just canít be too careful

You play with fire youíre gonna get burned

But fools like me just never seem to learn

Beauty Lies



written by Mike Hanna & James Pritchett
      1981 United Artists Music/ASCAP



"Empty Handed, Broken Hearted"


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