Sunset Woman


Long haired harlot

She comes a dancin’

Eyes on chancin’ I know her kind

Ribbons of scarlet

I’ve seen ‘em entanglin’

And wrapping around some poor boy’s mind


Sunset woman

Nobody needs you

Worthless woman

An aging overnight friend

Sunset woman

Nobody needs to

Be drowned in your wishing well of sin


Rock and roll tavern

She’s just like a fixture there

Looking to pull a stare

From the five o’clock crowd

And finding no takers for yesterday’s papers

She leaves and she takes the back door out


Ah, but those mistress eyes in disbelief

As she was leaving

Her youth was burned

The heads she once turned, now they were gone

And oh please give her my smile and my coat

Two souls worth saving

And see for me she finds her way back home

Beauty Lies



written by Dave Loggins
1972 Leeds Music & BIBO
Music Publishers/ASCAP



"Sunset Woman"


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