Life At The Moment


Protons, neutrons, fig newtons, morons, politics/schmolitics, corporations, dirty tricks, CEOs, superstitions, bed bugs, terrorism, gang wars, cartels, hurricanes, cataclysms, global warming, climate change, credit cards, stock exchange, satellites, cyberspace, endangered species, human race, tweet, twitter, text, blog, ones/ zeros dialogue, stem cells, DNA, big brother, TSA, 

IPads, iPhones, ringtones, dead zones, Myspace, youtube, facebook, fast food, laptops, black ops, third world sweat shops, blue pills, oil spills, hazmat landfills, upgrades, downloads, flat screens, bar codes, powerball, quick picks, streaming, netflix, faxes, taxes, internet access, super center shopping malls, endless wars, booty calls,  

Boob jobs, nose jobs, snow jobs, no jobs, account delinquent, payment due, botox, tattoos, pop tops, pull tabs, meth labs, rehab, persecutions, executions, revolutions, pollution, pesticides, homicides, suicides, shuttle rides, epidemics, pandemics, abortion clinics, cryogenics, 2012, Y2K, genesis, judgement day, friendly fire, camel toes, holocausts, UFOs, 

Blatant lies, soundbite news, cover ups, shredded clues, criminals, white collar crooks, tunnel vision, burning books, television, fashion styles, homophobes, pedophiles, population, obese, finger prints, thought police, out source, lowest bid, infrastructure, power grid, fiber optics, predator drones, red alerts, restricted zones, high def, disinformation, budget cuts, inflation, militants, infra red, nuclear warheads, 

IPs, RVs, STDs, late fees, IUDs, REDs, electronic room keys, famines, floods, closet gays, radiation, UV rays, safe rooms, on the net, water boarding, power jets, foreclose, bankrupt, governments, corrupt, unemployment, bread lines, homeless shelters, scary times, money market, liquidate, invitro, inseminate, immunize, polarize, genocide, infanticide, 

Fail safes, failed states, rebates, reprobates, recycle, timeshare, chem trails, toxic air, ethnic cleansing, immigration, outer space exploration, dark matter, worm holes, string theory, lunar probes, round and around it goes, where it stops no one knows, solar flares, radon gas, modern times, here at last, end times survival kits, donít you just love it? Itís life at the moment; itís life at the moment

Macro, micro, too much info, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Dancing With My Shadow



           written by Michael Brewer
Mobile Unit Music/Michael Brewer Music/BMI
                Copyright 20



         "Life At The Moment"


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