Living On The Moon


Baby’s living on the moon, she flew off into outer space
Everybody thought they knew her, but now she wears a different face
We all miss her every day and we look up at her every night
We wonder what she thinks she’s doing, and we’re hoping she can see the light

‘Cause she’s living on the moon where she’s all alone
Wondering around far away from home
Everybody’s hoping that she can find her way back soon
Baby’s living on the moon

Dancing With My Shadow


Baby’s living on the moon, we hope it’s really not so bad
But if she’s just cold and lonely we hope she doesn’t feel too sad
She kind of just lost her way, she sort of slipped off the track
All the people here on Earth who love her sure would like to have her back

(Release) She heard a different drummer, the beat took her away
All of us are hoping, everybody prays that maybe it can happen,
We’re waiting for the day she can hear a different tune
‘Cause right now 

Baby’s living on the moon, etc.


           written by Michael Brewer
Mobile Unit Music/Michael Brewer Music/BMI
                Copyright 20





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