Runaway Heart


I'm rolling, I'm tumbling, I'm falling apart
Cause I'll never, no I'll never find love
In her runaway heart

She's a fast rushing river I can't get across
Like an ocean of sadness, o'er which I am tossed
She never slows down, she's always ready to fly
And when I get next to her it's just hello
Hello and goodbye

Repeat Chorus

No rope can hold her
She's not fit to be tied
Like the wildest of horses
Nobody can ride

Freedom's her distance
And the means to her end
So I'm giving up trying
Cause I'm just chasing, chasing the wind

Repeat Chorus

In her runaway heart



written by Paul Harrison - 1978



 "Runaway Heart"


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Brewer & Shipley became acquainted with "Runaway Heart" when they were working with producer Norbert Putnam in Nashville. They never recorded it but Reba McEntire recorded it for her 1979 "Out Of A Dream" album.  This Brewer & Shipley cover is from a 1978 show at My Fathers Place in Rosyln, NY.

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